Choose the right hotel to stay in the Philippines

Travelling in the Philippines is more fun and challenging. Finding the right hotel for you and for your family is more challenging. I’ve always been curious about the right hotel to stay. Let me ask you, what is your preference when choosing the right hotel to stay? Is it about the location, the luxury experience and great food, or it is about the services and amenities of the hotel? Each traveler has their own preferences. For me, these are the reason when choosing the hotel right hotel to stay especially in the Philippines.

  1. Location
  2. Activities and places to explore
  3. Good reviews
  4. Services and amenities
  5. Food

Why food is in the number 5?

Because I can simply go outside of the hotel and get some food in other restaurant, or look for a cheapest price.

The tourism sector has seen rapid expansion over the past decade, and there are now far more accommodation choices than the past years. There are many high-end chain hotels in the Philippines, and there are also local brand hotels but high-end those are can compare to high class chain hotels. The local brand hotels in the Philippines are awesome; they are independent luxury hotels, prices are in cheap and mid-range.

Top 5 favorite Local Hotels:

  1. Widus Hotel and Casino. This hotel within Clark Freeport Zone is very accessible. Maybe around 5mins drive from Clark International Airport.
  2. Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa
  3. Abaca Boutique Resort
  4. Raffles Makati
  5. Amanpulo

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